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Reviews for "-Mr. Robot Episode 1-"


Ive faved this and Robot Chicken attempt...
nice smoothness too....
i have that toy set...
my little cousins play with it...

This is Great! :D

This is really good!!
The camera angles used really helped how it turned out!
i hope to see more in the future!!
And good luck with the animating! :D

lol awesome

i watch u on youtube, love your channel, the live action ones are my fave, and guy below me, the dude with the black hair is him, hes on youtube and has lots of videos with him in it, look up dominic fear.

Dude, that was awesome. :)

I love this series already. *stares at you evilly* MOAR!!! lol jk, but really... more. :(

Also, who are those two guys in the television screen? Is one of them you? :O

And Adult Swim should totally look into this stuff you have. ;w;

Do more!

Dude that was funny! do more and it will be hilarious!