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Reviews for "-Mr. Robot Episode 1-"

pretty good

It was pretty funny and you did a good job with the animation.

It ok

Uhh you said it send virus... but you lie... you are a lying bastard...
I think you are so stupid and you just make up lie and harm other people feeling... let's face the fact here... you are a retarded and you lie... and I did scanned the flash and it have no virus or other thing that harm your computer... which is harmless...

why r u tryin 2 infect my comp?

not cool! downloader trojan and iehackit. exe


Actually made me chuckle. Not anything TOO new in there, but well done, and when he taps the back of the robots leg with the sword, yes, I laughed out loud.

Funny, actually.

This was actually rather good, more of the same please.
Maybe a bit longer next time?