Reviews for "Destroy the World"

Wow! This is nostalgia at its finest! I played this over 10 years ago! That being said, the game was good but the controls are terrible.

Flyborg responds:

You are correct about the controls being terrible! This game is an example of a problem with game devs being experts at playing their own games.

Nice, nice game ~ the only let-down is the ship steering =/

At first, I thought this wouldn't be any fun because it seemed too repetitive. It really did turn out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. It's mostly because things escalate so well. I don't know how farmers have access to missile launchers, but it's cool! You really have to go at a certain angle to kill them all. The music was good too.

What really made this was how good the graphics were. While the designs themselves weren't that great, it really did flow well. I had no idea farmers could be such a threat. Well, aliens can be dumb, I imagine. I don't know how to avoid the missiles.

Stars: 10

Graphics: 10

Fun: 10

Excellent Job! The Game Is Awesome!

It would be 5 but dude not all canadians are farmers. Srsly, thats rlly offensive