Reviews for "Destroy the World"


Iv'e downloaded it but do I actually have permission to upload it to my site?Its kinda new and i'd like more peoples stuff on it. :)


This fucking wins, seriously, the thing is crazy!!!


AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! but i cant beat level 3! OH THE AGONY! WHAT DO I DO WITH THAT ORANGE CAN THINGY?!?!?!?! if i could only figure that out then i could do it but nothing i do seems to get it. HELP! at least just tell me what itme number it should be. like it should be clicked on 4th or 8th. =P
i dont see why people say this is so hard. just read the directions and after you get past the first level the rest should be a no brainer...except for level 3 which is HARD! people need to stop bitching about the controls. its point and click

Flyborg responds:

Huh? In level 3 you're shooting down planes and such until the timer runs out. In level 4 you just have to destroy 10 WMD's (The "orange can thingies" I assume, although they're not orange). You just shoot them. What item number it should be? What? I don't understand that at all. There's no clicking in the game. As far as I know you're reviewing a different game (happens a lot) :p


This movie had everything! Aliens, bazookas, the air force, penguins and prehistoric mammals!!!! Great flash dude, keep it up!

And remember everybody, ph34r t3h p3ngu1n5!!!!!!!


Great job. Good graphics,controls and everything...