Reviews for "Destroy the World"

Please maybe tone it down a bit.

Nice graphics, user-friendly controls, the premise of the game was great, but all in all it waayyyyy too hard. There are way too many enemies, even on easy mode. I didn't try it on any other mode, but I immediately began to get pummeled on easy. Maybe make a sequel with a more reasonable amount of enemies?


the game isnt bad...but it really isnt that good either.. its very hard not ot take damage and the "easier" modes of game play dont make much of an difference I like the concept and the humor though


The Gameplay is fun but repetitive.
The Graphics are fairly realistic for being a cartoon.
The jaber addiction level - 35% basically the same thing alway through.
The game runs fairly smoothly.
There are no obvious bugs or glitches.


not bad just too short


It's a great game but it's not that fun since it's only 4 levels. You need to add more levels