Reviews for "Destroy the World"


Not really a good game, because missiles almost always hit you, move to fast in the ship which causes poor aming and bouncing off the walls which also cause frustration amungst the gamer. the one thing i did like though was when you go infront of the sun the glare you get, cool effect don't see it too often. gGood try though.


I feel so evil playing this!!!

Destroy the World

The controls for DtW are horrible. your bouncing off the freaking walls way to much to be able to shoot anybody. sadly the game is pure crap without the controls messing up so badly anyway. 1/10 1/5.

Good game, but better storyline.

I see no fault in the aliens logic.

30,000+ nuclear weapons, enough to destroy 12 planets. How coincidental, obviously theyre to attack the 12 planets of the Federation.
That or humans plan to destroy their own planet 12 times over. Yeah right!

Clearly the largest country of the continent that has a third of those weapons must be the one with the weapons. How obvious is that.

On a planet where large portions of the population are starving, then obviously the makers of food hold alot of power; thus, they control those weapons.

If you'd disguise yourself as a human, they'd expect you to act as a human, so better yet, just disguise yourself as one of their planet's creatures and walk right into their headquarters. GENIUS!

Penguins armed with rockets and riding mammoths, well that just doesnt make sense.

Theyre logic is flawless!
Oh and yeah...good game but too short.

PS: Please destroy Tokyo.


its not good, but not bad... its oke. but ive seen better.