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Reviews for "Plops Tournament ONLINE"

You Did good

This seems like a god game just wish i knew how to play it

AND i Hate Reading those Tutorials

Thanks for the game

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks.. too bad. But you know , just mess around a bit maybe you'll figure it out

Fine made flash game

A bit metter of your taste rather u loke this game or not.
However this is proffesionally made game with thorough idea in it.
It has good graphics and details and should be here.


dam thats a hella good game

Very nice.

This is very nice, but quite hard. A game I really like, when I'll have some time I'll probably try to be a little better in this. The graphics are just perfect, peaceful music that fits well. Selectable levels are great.
Overall this is great.
But I just wonder, why is even the easy mode so hard for me? I'll have to practice.

ReduxGames responds:

Thanks!, i know its hard at the beginning, but play a few games, you'll get used to it :)..


That's the type of thing I'd like to be able to do in Mini-games for an rpg i want to do one day. Nicely done.
It's an addicting game!

ReduxGames responds:

Are you a developer? I'm also working on an rpg engine,