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Reviews for "Plops Tournament ONLINE"

Great game

That was breathtaking you sir are an amazing flash artist. The game play was orriginal and fun. the graphics and sound were soo good i thought i was playing a game i had payed for GREAT work.

pretty good.

i liked it but it is pretty hard to play. it takes a while to get used to. its a strategic game


nice graphics and stuff, and i loved the music.
but it was soooooooo boring and hard to play, this
is a real waste of my time.

Needs a little work

Loved the MUSIC!!!
Liked that you placed a mute button in!!!

Instructions gould be clearer...
and you might want to had hints or a hint tab-in

Confusing me...

You need to do something about the toturial... I did only understand a little bit of it before i was in the quickplay and then suddenly died...

After some time i began figuring it out but it was steal like that something was missing...

ReduxGames responds:

Ok, if too many of your plops escape from the game field, you lose the game, you make the plops by clicking on the existing plops then while holding the button aiming and releasing the button, that will shoot out more new plops.