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Reviews for "Plops Tournament ONLINE"


This game is awesome. Im not usualy a big fan of puzzle games... but this one rules!

Great game...

This is a unique game. Nice sound FX and the music fits in very well. The concept behind defeating enemies and harvesting by having the plops in close proximity is clever, though it gets a bit frustrating when trying to aim where the plops will go. It also would have helped to know that the greens repel and the blues attract. Aside from that, this is a great game.


The graphics were nice, and the sound went with the game fairly well, but the controls were frustrating. It was a cool idea but there were issues in the gameplay department. I'd still like to see more games from you though, just not any like this.


Good idea. Good concept and stuff, but it was just amazingly... bad. I can't believe I even turned off my music for it. Next time, make it more appealing. I played it for 5 minutes and I already knew it sucked. Maybe try to be less lazy and make an instructions page. Unless, I missed it because I wasn't paying much attention. No one wants to take a shitty tutorial because those smell like ass.

~Your biggest fan.

A piece of gold...

yep, a sweet game, sweet chatroom, sweet everythng!!!