Reviews for "Sonic X: Faceoff trailer"


Looks like you have got some skills at sprites and that was only a trailor lookin 4ward to seeing the actual thing you gettin my 5 and your gunna be added to my favs

not bad

Nice, I haven't seen a good sprite release all day (and thats common since im not a big fan of sprites). Keep working on this one though. The action and excitement level is high throughout the whole movie. Only one thing bothered me. When he landed infront of the mecha sonics it seemed he was dancing. Make him more still and it will work out better. Keep up the good work!

Mystfit responds:

You're right. He does look like he's dancing. Don't worry, the part you saw was the intro and will be overhauled as I progress through the movie and hone my skills. I'm looking at editing some sprites myself so it'll definitely have my own unique touch. That's what I'm going for. Thanks for the great review! All this feedback has really inspired me to move forward with this work.


that was really good, I haven't seen a sonic movie this well done before. good jorb.


Looking forward to it man, I have a trailer of my first flash submition too if u wanna see it.

not bad for sonic

i liked the animation, and the sound was good with it. wish you would have put a little fighting into it though. not bad though.