Reviews for "Sonic X: Faceoff trailer"


Now it's 2008 and i still don't see any finished movie...
But i like the intro.

yu suck

i waited 2 years and no seacul

Mystfit responds:

I guess I just really lost interest in it for a while and left it. Pity really since it's about 5 minutes long now. Only problem is, I've really improved in Flash in the space of time that I left this so I keep wanting to go back and redo it but I haven't got the time.

I'm debating releasing it as-is but that's probably not the best idea.


It looks like a good series, but there just wasnt enough detail about it in this trailer, i might check it out, just to humor you.


okay, it said that the movie would be made in 2006. it's 2007, and you might end up abandoning it, but take example from the clocks (the good ones) they spend a year working on it, and quite a few flashes turn out good! please, make the series.

please make the series

please could you make the series it looks so cool could you let me know when you start to make the whole series it looks so cool thanks :) :)