Reviews for "Sonic X: Faceoff trailer"


That was a cool trailer! I really liked it. I'm guessing that you're not going to make the series because you said it was going to be in 2006. (sigh) Oh well. Usually lots of people abandon their work. Anyways, that was cool. I wish you could make the series. 10!

Mystfit responds:

Don't worry, it's about 5 minutes long now. Yet I lost interest in it around September 06 so that's why we've seen nothing yet. It'll be finished one day yet no-one will remember the trailer :)


Such flow, such perficientcy, such suches.
there is no why i can describe how i felt after that. Here is a list of words that won't make the cut

amazing, breathtaking, speechless.

Can't wait for the full movie!

OMFG Sweet

That was some smooth sprite work! Make another!!!


That's probably the best sprite work i ever saw. YOU ROCK! Make another soon.

I like how...

I like how you have the classic bron eyelids which make more sense organically than the blue ones (after all, who has hairy eyelids) how did you get a rear view of the tornado?

Mystfit responds:

Rear view sprites were taken from Sonic Advance 3 and edited to match the original Tornado colours.