Reviews for "Sonic X: Faceoff trailer"

Great trailor, wanted to see fight at end though..

It was a gret trailor. I liked the music you used and the way u used the sprites were great... I'm still waiting for the fight seen at the end and want to see the whole animation now. So i hope it lives up to its hype. Good job though.


Really Liked this flash , cant wait to see more.


Man this is really something special you have here! Nice musics too, good ol' Dimrain; fits the trailer very well! Godspeed to you and cheers to a noteworthy sprite flash! Good luck on the rest of the movie!


dude that was freaken sweet..some of those shots looked really good and very unique..i hope it turns out good


this looks promising. good work for your first flash. can't wait to see the whole thing!