Reviews for "Jezzball"

great game

excellent work dude!!!
cant be better


This is cool. BTW the dude below me is a flippin moron.

It's called a remake jerk off. A tribute. The original but ported to flash. Moron.

great remake of the game i enjoyed playing it

I remember when i had a 98 it came on it it was very enjoyable than the computer got jacked up and i got an X.P. I've missed jezzball so much i used to spend hours playing it after school... But my suggestions if you make another version of it i suggest have some kind of bg music like the original that would make it much better and there was a glitch on some levels I boxed in all but three or four balls and I cut the area they were in in half and while i was fixed the balls on the left the one on the right went through the wall XP... Those are my suggestions i hope they help a little


Jezzball was the greatest time wasting game ever, and now its imortalised on newgrounds, excellent


I remember playing this on my grandmother's work computer. ^^;
This brings back a lot of fond memories and continues to be fun.
Very nicely done.