Reviews for "Jezzball"


I fucking loved it.
I love simple games like this, but this is a game i hav never seen before.
Thanx for making it.

Ah, my windows 95.

Yea i remember this game. This was a good game. Good recreation of it.


lol this game is awesome!! i have it on my TI-84 rofl...but that version is realy glitchy, i didnt find a single glitch in this one. the grid format is pretty helpful too. ok well nice job on this


This takes me back..

..to a time when the internet just started going mainstream. A time of simpler computer games. A time when one of the most popular websites was hampsterdancedotcom, which was nothing more than a window of dancing cartoon hampsters (nothing else). Great job in this recreation!


its been such a long time since i played this game. like windows 95 long time lol