Reviews for "Jezzball"


it's cool, but if we could submit high scores it would be better

needs med and low quality

i could only play it on high quality, and every time my lines finish moving, the game would lag for a split second. its not annoying at first, but when your trying to trap balls into 2x2 squares (in the windows version, i even got to just a 1x1 square) it gets rather annoying. also, i didnt rate sound since i didnt have sound on in my comp, so if there was sound, i never heard it.

Kept me entertained for an hour at work :P

It's a very simple game, but will keep you entertained for as long as your attention span can last. I was at work so had to quit after an hour, but this is really a great game.

challanging yet awsome

its a lil hard and after level 4 or something it gets kinda boring but otherwise its a awsome game good job!


I gotta say it is just like i remember. Take a great classic game and give it better graphics and this is what you will end up with. Good Game