Reviews for "Jezzball"


I fucking loved it.
I love simple games like this, but this is a game i hav never seen before.
Thanx for making it.


You took me back to the days of real gaming. I think I was about 5 when I first played Jezzball. And if I'm not mistaken, my computer was like a compaq somethin. I'm 16 now so that's like a friggin time machine. Sweet. One thing I did notice was when you have a small room with like 8 balls bouncing in it, if they all hit the same corner at the same time, one or two sorta jump out of it. You might wanna check that. But everything else is as close to perfect a game like Jezzball can get. Good Job.


This is old school right here. I got to level seven which is the best i've ever done. Excellent job on this game.

Ah, my windows 95.

Yea i remember this game. This was a good game. Good recreation of it.


lol this game is awesome!! i have it on my TI-84 rofl...but that version is realy glitchy, i didnt find a single glitch in this one. the grid format is pretty helpful too. ok well nice job on this