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Reviews for "Clown Killer 2"

The Main Menu Music sounds very epic. I like it!!!

Good graphics and art style, the theme is also cool.
the diving mechanics are not intuitive, you dive to the opposite direction you want

I remember playing almost 100 levels of this.
Great memories.

You know how to make an addicting game! I think the best thing about this is probably how it just keeps going on. You need to just keep on firing like mad in order to make it truly work. I like how there are different gun moves. Kind of a weird thing to say. It seems like EVERY clown is evil nowadays.

It's nice to have a game that's so straightforward. Just keep on killing clowns and nothing else. The music was also really good. Not a lot to say, because that's all that goes on. Clowns really do get a bad rap.


the game is fine...not the worst nor the best