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Reviews for "Clown Killer 2"


cool nice game man heres why it got what iti got

Graphics;are in 2d buts that ok cuz it nicely done for 2D
style:you killing clowns man ecil clowns thre is porbbly no other game on the web like this
Sound:the sound is nive but 1 times out of ten the sound gets stucked on you computer
violence:the game is packed whith violence form head 2 toe
interacatvity:the game has some in it
humor: threes nothing funner then a clown aand if three is its killeing a clown
overall 10

your gonna die clown

i love killing clowns a dead clown a day keeps my stress away.

Kill the clowns!

You know, it was about time they had a 2D side-scrolling fighter/shooter game. It's like Final Fight. With guns.

I really disliked one thing. You can barely get an attack in edgewise once you start getting attacked.

Fuckin loved it

I really enjoyed it but there was only one problem i had, and that was your guy was too slow its not that bad of a problem but i would have liked him to go faster.

awesome idea!!

great game!!! the musik sounds like frigin ultimate spinnng top thing...bleyblade or something like that. rly rly rly kool