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Reviews for "Clown Killer 2"

Stupid, Violent and Senseless

But damn, that was so great. I Love those games . Part 3! where is Part 3? I need a Part 3 now or ill have to check out that circus near my town >D


That is the funniest thing I have ever seen! I only got to play for a little, but it was really smooth. Go for another sequel!

DIE CLOWNS DIE!!!!!!!!!!

I like the game because I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE...... clowns.

the shooting was pissing me off a little and that would have lowered the score but the clown KILLING... made up for it.

That was great

I loved the game, i always hated clowns and this is my revenge >:)
I just completed it, it was very good, but a bit short, needs sound improvement.
Btw the bonus passwords are: heads, arena

Great game.

Fun. I'm sure a lot of people are either scared of this game because they are scared of clowns, or absolutely loved this game because they hate clowns. Great game play with easy controls. Good action and graphics. 10/10