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Reviews for "Clown Killer 2"


could add a little twist or something different


It whas nice that you could dive everywhere! but first of all make more death anims,
That makes stuff a lot cooler if not every little clown dies the same way. second more weapons! its always nice with a shop or something. Then third the story mode whas more like an arena but errm it is a nice concept! make a threequel and use these tips well!!!

Nice game

Fun and entertaining

A Good game, but due to the speed that the clowns run at you, I think that a keyboard button-triggered Pause option would be better, I also think it would be better if you could shoot in a different direction while running, like running left and being able to shoot right. but other then that it's a great game, the music kicks ass.

"Clown Killer"

This Is a Good Game I Always Hated Clowns I Finally Get To Shoot Them.

not that good

any game is better.