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Reviews for "HAMU"

great game!

I played this untill the final stage, its a great game, and the hidden boxes were confusing ingame.
Great game.

good game

it was a good game i liked it, it kept me busy for a few hours only problem is that its too easy i never died once and it was kinda a let down with the no power-ups thing but overall i really liked it good game!

err, work on your grammar please

Hey, those "u's" piss me off real bad, I bet a bunch of others feel the same, but other than that, good game.

slow start but is great

It starts out slow but once i got to the black heart level with the hidden blocks and then blocks you have to hit twice it gets fun. I wish there was a highscore thingy because i did get prett far. I also like the falling blocks that you could hit.

one of the only problems i had was far to often would my ball travel from side to side from the bottom all the way up. taking way to long

It was great.

Overall I thought it was great. I liked how you used vivid colors and a great variety of them. I liked how you where able to surprise me when a block appeared when the ball hit the location. I thought the animation of the ball hits was good.

Some things I'd like to see improved/changed:
1. I thought the level environments were a little bland. Though you used a lot of different colors for the blocks and arranged them well, after they were knocked out the level lost its ambience. If you put in a background that wasn't plain white it would have been better.
2. I didn't like how the music was chopped short and repetive. It would have been nice to hear a longer version of some of them and have a 2 sec break in between plays on some of the difficult levels.
3. I thought the levels could have more blocks. They would be smaller so the paddle and ball would be smaller. This would make the levels longer and more challenging.
4. If you added upgrades to the paddle that come out of blocks it would be more interesting. I understand if you are trying to stay away from that kind of play but it would be more fun if you added stuff like that.
5. It needs a greater variety of breakable blocks. You had the invisible ones, the semiinvisible, the normal breakable ones, and the iron unbreakables.
6. It needs to be longer. More levels would have been nice.
7. It needs to have a quality button. It was annoying to see scratchy letters at the bottom of the screen.

Yes, so those suggestions, I hope, will be helpful and will be used if a newer version is released.