Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"


Thanks for using my audio, mate. Made my day.

The graphics *were* kinda liney, but they were still pretty stylish. Also, it's really nice to see something with a bloody plot on the portal for once.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work, man.

reojionline responds:

hm... glad you like it man,Love the song,The liney thing is due to the line tool used I think,any way I`m learning the optimization tool which I will change the way I animate(maybe) thanks to bitey tutorial

Pretty good!

Some sounds was good and somes not. But overall that was a good movie. Different than others. Well you can up to frame rate on Flash.
But keep going dude!

reojionline responds:

Hey Thanks Dude for the nice review,hm... I will keep doing it but first I need to find a life... NG is eating me alive(LOL) and Idea....


its nice but u only needed to write zenon's name once in audio

reojionline responds:

Well I’ve used like 4 track from zenon audio portal so there you go.thanks 4 d`review


Nice graphics, very cinematic, although next time try and make the script a little more interesting (some people might get bored) but nice work, keep it up

reojionline responds:

Thank you man, I`ll think about that script thing

heh heh heh heh

After defeating the robot with the power of the amulet, our hero cries emotionlessly: "what the hell just happen?"

..someone set up us the bomb! Haha, you can tell you translated... Maybe that's why you used the robot voices. At least they're better than Microsoft Sam. Very cool storyline and interesting stuff... Work on the graphics and maybe see if some newgroundsers would like to do the voices for you...

otherwise pretty good stuff!

reojionline responds:

Don’t worry I’m working on it, Currently think of making the second part since this got most of people attention, if this surpasses dual swords like 1000 views you’ll see the second part but if not you’ll see it to but much later when I got some really got improvement in skill and animation. (currently think of doll Ville part 2 and dual swords part 2 <-there people waiting so I’ll be making it just need time)