Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"

pretty good

everything was pretty good except their voices. I just didnt like their voices, plain and simple. Use real voice acting next time.

reojionline responds:

Okay next time I`ll try real voice. Thanks for d`review


Nice graphics, very cinematic, although next time try and make the script a little more interesting (some people might get bored) but nice work, keep it up

reojionline responds:

Thank you man, I`ll think about that script thing

Can turn to be an intresting plot

The plot seems intresting, but some parts were pretty fucked, and sounded quite strange. Not sure if you really were supposed to laugh. The motion tweening weren't smooth, so I would suggest you to practice more on it, or plainly use FBF. I promise that it will look much better to these kind of flash movies. I enjoyed the movie, but there could be some improvements. Great work, and keep it up.

reojionline responds:

Thank you, I agree with you, there will always room for improvements. The FBF thing is difficult when I use mouse to draw each frame, I was trying like every movement for 1 frame? Than the result was funny (it actually makes me laugh).

OK, here some questions/critic:

1) Why didn't the girl use the amulett like the "nice guy"? Respectively why did the amulett have not the same power? Why does it only acts like it acted to this "nice guy", risking the life of his old owner. Hmm.
2) Lots of scenes are drawn in profil perspective and the limbs moved too slowly and stiff sometimes. Especially in the fighting scenes...
3) Um, why did the clock go crazy, but nothing other? Car clocks are especially hard bulit, so if it's gone SO crazy, something had also happen to the guy (biological; magnetical fields or something) or the rest of the car (electronical, spark plugs go crazy too or something).
4) The blood was a little bit undetailed... more gradients or something like that.
5) Um... the explosions were every time the same, although the one who causes them, hurts on a other type of resistance (?). So IF there are explosions, they would be seen other. Or maybe when the guy hurts the robot more sparks and otherwise more dust from the ground... Anyway, why are there explosions (Or weren't they explosions?) when you hrut someone? I could only understand it, when the guy hit the robot with the mystical powers... but the other times...

But let's get out of those unimportant minor matters and back to the movie:
The beginning was quiet good, especial the writings were good bounded into the movie sequence. I really liked the atmosphere you put into with the moon... Maybe the guy should be more emotionial when he goes to the girl. Something like: "Oh my god! What happend to her? Everywhere... blood... she... oh my god!"
Anyway, i like the movie. Keep up the good work! :)

reojionline responds:

1. I was thinking like the girl can¡¦t use it because she not the chosen one (LOL)
Any way Ill reveal it if the movie continue to the second part(at least that what I was thinking, I really want to make a long movie like 20 minutes but if you read my note„³ I got bored)
Don¡¦t worry there will be a second part if many people like this.

2. Well that¡¦s me, there more room for improvements don¡¦t you thinks?

3. about the clock? Hm¡Kdefinitely something affecting it like the power of the amulet and the man him self so that¡¦s why. Revealing more will spoil the next episode.

4. The blood? Well there is so many example, actually I don¡¦t really like to create such scene but if you want it I¡¦ll try my best

5. Now the explosion? did you see SF vs. MK 2,Well I was trying to make something like that but the computer soon run very slowly so I reduce the animation and reused in some part and it¡¦s easy for to make a movie .

Whoa that was a lot of writing. Thanks for the review

pretty good...

but it would be better if you used real voices.

reojionline responds:

Well,Thats the problem my mic broken and i cant find any body?I think too it would give more emotion.Thanks