Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"

Amazingly great

probably the best flash on newgrounds. Thanks for the protection point =). like someone else said put in some more 'dramatic' voices

reojionline responds:

Probably the best flash on newgrounds, Hm... that’s nice to hear although I don’t think so but I’ll try to do better next time hopefully I’ll get to create some of the best flash on newgrounds but then again that would be a big project and consume a lot of time, I still don’t have such determinations unless I got some really good skill and idea, I `m still improving so maybe the best is yet to come? LOL any way thanks for the review


Holy crap, you just gave me like, 4 submissions...

Dude, you have made my day. Not only that, freakin awesome flash!

Awesome work!

reojionline responds:

Well those were very good song especially the universal destruction its my favorite(didn’t like the full version though) but all good, When I start making this flash I wasn’t even thinking about using your song in fact I didn’t think of the music, I was like okay lets make some scene here and there when its finish then I start looking, Well I downloaded some of your song and test it and it fits although many adjustment were made especially the fight scene(sorry about that but it’s all good though not too many modification just minor mixing).So there you have it combination, Thanks 4 the review man

good job.

i take it english isn't your first language. for your next movie, you should get someone to do the voices, and maybe someone to check your script to make your sentences sound more natural. i highly suggest doing this.

you're drawing is great. i don't see anything wrong with it. the only problem is the script and voices. if you do this with your next movie, and the visuals are even close to this movie's, i'm sure it'll get atleast a 3.8/5. you have incredible talent and promise, all you have to do now is fix the voices and sentences. that's all.

reojionline responds:

Okay then ill try fixing it, Correct! English is not my first language and you know what! I have been thinking too, finding people to do the scripting work and voice acting but when I think again who will want to do that with my movie?hm...it still kept me thinking any way thanks for the reviews and to all the reviewer of Doll Ville The nice guy

pretty good...

but it would be better if you used real voices.

reojionline responds:

Well,Thats the problem my mic broken and i cant find any body?I think too it would give more emotion.Thanks

Can turn to be an intresting plot

The plot seems intresting, but some parts were pretty fucked, and sounded quite strange. Not sure if you really were supposed to laugh. The motion tweening weren't smooth, so I would suggest you to practice more on it, or plainly use FBF. I promise that it will look much better to these kind of flash movies. I enjoyed the movie, but there could be some improvements. Great work, and keep it up.

reojionline responds:

Thank you, I agree with you, there will always room for improvements. The FBF thing is difficult when I use mouse to draw each frame, I was trying like every movement for 1 frame? Than the result was funny (it actually makes me laugh).