Reviews for "Doll Ville -The Nice Guy"

Not bad!

This is a good effort (especially after the endless hordes of crap today.) The movie looks fine, despite your worries about pointed drawings...the robot in particular is really well done, and the human characters at least look and move like people. I really like the introduction - feels very professional, and sets a nice mood.

The most glaring problem was probably the voice acting - the lead character sounds rather weird, usually monotone and inflecting in all sorts of weird places (which is why I actually gave this humor rating...it's kind of funny.) The grammar is also somewhat messed up....I know you mentioned that grammar and voice scripting aren't your strengths, but you could probably at least get someone to spell and grammar check your dialogue before making the movie. The story is also kind of vague..it's mysterious and all, which is interesting, but it just puts out a lot of questions without really answering or saying much. Perhaps try and include a little more plot in the next few episodes.

Still, good effort on this one.

reojionline responds:

Same here, I was laughing to some part of the voice acting especially Elric voice,
I’ve tried to improve but the end result is the same and the voice is that of Text to speech if you haven’t notice it. Even the intro in I’ve stated like Elric voice by Auron TTS of the acapela group<- name of the company who owns the program (it’s the online demo though I didn’t bought the program)

OK, here some questions/critic:

1) Why didn't the girl use the amulett like the "nice guy"? Respectively why did the amulett have not the same power? Why does it only acts like it acted to this "nice guy", risking the life of his old owner. Hmm.
2) Lots of scenes are drawn in profil perspective and the limbs moved too slowly and stiff sometimes. Especially in the fighting scenes...
3) Um, why did the clock go crazy, but nothing other? Car clocks are especially hard bulit, so if it's gone SO crazy, something had also happen to the guy (biological; magnetical fields or something) or the rest of the car (electronical, spark plugs go crazy too or something).
4) The blood was a little bit undetailed... more gradients or something like that.
5) Um... the explosions were every time the same, although the one who causes them, hurts on a other type of resistance (?). So IF there are explosions, they would be seen other. Or maybe when the guy hurts the robot more sparks and otherwise more dust from the ground... Anyway, why are there explosions (Or weren't they explosions?) when you hrut someone? I could only understand it, when the guy hit the robot with the mystical powers... but the other times...

But let's get out of those unimportant minor matters and back to the movie:
The beginning was quiet good, especial the writings were good bounded into the movie sequence. I really liked the atmosphere you put into with the moon... Maybe the guy should be more emotionial when he goes to the girl. Something like: "Oh my god! What happend to her? Everywhere... blood... she... oh my god!"
Anyway, i like the movie. Keep up the good work! :)

reojionline responds:

1. I was thinking like the girl can¡¦t use it because she not the chosen one (LOL)
Any way Ill reveal it if the movie continue to the second part(at least that what I was thinking, I really want to make a long movie like 20 minutes but if you read my note„³ I got bored)
Don¡¦t worry there will be a second part if many people like this.

2. Well that¡¦s me, there more room for improvements don¡¦t you thinks?

3. about the clock? Hm¡Kdefinitely something affecting it like the power of the amulet and the man him self so that¡¦s why. Revealing more will spoil the next episode.

4. The blood? Well there is so many example, actually I don¡¦t really like to create such scene but if you want it I¡¦ll try my best

5. Now the explosion? did you see SF vs. MK 2,Well I was trying to make something like that but the computer soon run very slowly so I reduce the animation and reused in some part and it¡¦s easy for to make a movie .

Whoa that was a lot of writing. Thanks for the review


I was in the credits! COOL! What did I do? :D

reojionline responds:

Well it’s because the review that you did with my past movie which resulted in this movie (trust me I’ve taken consideration even the worst review I have).Review pumps me up to do more flash movie. Thanks again for the review and for the one whom is reviewing right now, suggest something to me, I’ll try my best to add it in my next movie.

umm needs work

looks ok but some of the fighting like the mid-air punching seems to lack feeling and force.Plus the voice acting seemed like one of those programs u tpye words/senteces in and the computer would say it out,either that or the ppl didnt really cared about trying their best and did it less that half assed.the voices need emotion,the graphic could get touched up alittle.
I just saying u could do better.

reojionline responds:

Finally somebody notice it! Bravo! the voice acting was done using the text to speech program! Much like the clock crew usually do but with a little tweak any way thanks for the review

this was good but i believe you can do better

i liked most of it but the voices need some work, it sounds like you were using a text-to-sound program...(iono wat theyre called...) but other than that it was ok, you should work more with the fantasy concept...

reojionline responds:

Thank you,yes its TTS and i will try to work more on the fantasy concept.