Reviews for "{dj-N} Multi-Mel"


(I just blasted this song on my 3,000 watt Kicker/Infinity/Memphis system. It felt like an earthquake. Fucking awesome.)
I really wanted to leave some sort of constructive review to help you, in any possible way, master the transitions in this song. But I really cant find anything to add. This song is pure euphoric awesome. You've been my favorite artist for a few years now and you're still improving with every song. Thank you for fending off boredom and depression these last few years :P
*also be sure to let me know if you ever release an album, I'd be the first to buy it :D

Wow, amazing.

Okay, the start is wonderful. The vocal piece you use was fun, and it's transition into the heavy beat and synth was perfect. The rest of the song was beautiful. NATE PIANO! Love it, as always. A return to your classic and most well-liked work, but still different. An evoloution as an artist.
10/10, 5/5, still the best artist on this site.

Yep...back to the greatness!

Almost blew out my woofer on the first play. Had to turn it down to half.
Another amazing piece of work. It wouldn't be Nate w/o the piano mixed in.

I rarely do reviews nowadays...

This song made me get up from my laziness and actually make a review, that's insane in itself. :P
Anyways, the transitions were amazingly smooth, and you must be the god of sound.

Is There Anything you Cant do????

Every mix i have listened to by you is just simply moving....You Rock keep up the awesome work dude