Reviews for "{dj-N} Multi-Mel"


This one is epic song. dunno wut to say, just amazing. Keep up the super awesome work :).



RSS'd, one question though.

Hearing impairment from the sun?

i like these kind of songs!

but i stink at making them.... i made a horribe 20 min one on mixcraft XD i got so carried away

OMG.....what are you?

Epic just Epic.


First of all, I have NEVER made a song ever before in my life ( except for a couple of songs I made on my Dad's cellphone) , so my meaning of this song may be a little incorrect. Second of all, I'm just 15y old and I'm from Belgium, so please don't be so hard on my English, okay?

I really like the song, especially the begin when that women voice is saying that you're not responsible for any damage to ears?? Well, I really liked it!!
I don't listen THAT much to songs from Newgrounds, but I don't hear that a lot.
Also, I really like the beat itself. It gives (for me) a feeling to idk.. dance or something??
Well I think you could play this song on a party or something.
Anyway, Keep up the good work!! Well done^^