Reviews for "{dj-N} Multi-Mel"


no, i dont think the transitions were noticeable. i think you did an amazing job linking them. between 1:44 and 1:53, its obvious you are switching melodies but when you transition every where else its amazing :D i really love this song as i do with the rest <333

keep going!!!!!



this is really good. Like really, really, good. and unique. and it's also really good.



simply put....I love you

amazing song, and hard to figure out what happens next
with some songs you just KNOW what's going to happen
not here
no no
fucking fantastic
keep getting better! (if that's physically possible)

very smooth!

i really loved how you transitioned from the first to the second melody around the 1:07 mark. christ you have great melodies rattling around your head


I've tried this because i love making melodies it came out a little too hectic probably because the tempo was around 160 :P.

Definitely turn down the delay on that middle synth, i can see what you were trying to go for, but because of the high delay it sounds as if the notes aren't corresponding with the chords because the delay is overlapping.

Marimba was sick, great idea, where did you get it from btw, sounded so realistic.

Loving the Electro-ish bassline.

5/5 9/10 Sick stuff man


I suggest you start doing more stuff with vocals if you want to get signed. Although this is awesome no one is going to sign you with this kind of stuff, but if you add vocals to it then you are guaranteed a contract.