Reviews for "{dj-N} Multi-Mel"

holy crap...

dude, one, er a few words.... lemme think now...
how many cans of Epic did u drink to evolve this masterwork. seriously, this song is far byond mortal words, you make me speechless again.
full scores, and a DL.
_-Mach 2-_

Oh My God!

Hands down, one of the best songs I have ever heard. I really felt like I was in a dream, or in other words, a state of... TRANCE

"I think my woofer broke"

If you ever stop making music, im pretty sure it'll be impossible for any artist on this site to ever ever top what you can do.

Awwww my god.

That background synth that you cna JUST slightly hear makes this one of the coolest ng songs in exsistance. I love the variety in it! I dont know what to expect next, and everything that comes up sounds incredible. This is just fantastic man. WHY ARENT U GETTING PAID FOR THIS?!

Damn ill just send u cash ahahaha, as long as you keep making more of these!!! D:

*...Shaking in Awe...*

This song is THE bomb!

And I mean T H E Bomb. Man you are awesome!!!