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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"

Furry ....or not

ruled totaly ruled it had comady, great anamation and awsome artwork
im a big fan of your work and it gets better and better
keep up the good work

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D

Good stuff

"As soon as we can find a term to someone who wacks off orc porn"

Thats some funny stuff... keep it up.


Wonchop responds:

Tha...heeeey! >=(


What is it now? WonLock?

Still good though.

Wonchop responds:

CloudLock's my lock.


haha that was funny :p

and you know, when i use to play that ju-gi-oh game, my favorate card was the timewizard card hehe...well... when it works... that is ^^'

anyways funny furry funny

though... that 'orc porn' bit kinda freaked me out... hehe

Wonchop responds:

Orc Porn freaks everyone out.
If anyone isn't freaked out, they are almost as bad as Glow (he has other qualities that make him worse)

WOW... that's a badmouthin' mango.

Lole, that was so cool. GO WONCHOP! YOU TELL THAT MANGO! x) I laughed so hard, my brain went kaboom...

Wonchop responds:

Hehe. Boom.