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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"


Good graphics. Original. I still think it's Bonzi though.

Wonchop responds:

What the heck's Bonzi O_o

I call time wizard

that was funny I Call Wizard! Hahaha hahahahahahahahahaha
ps. orc porn !!!

Wonchop responds:



flick furry freakign fucking halarous!!!!

Wonchop responds:

Tah =D

Damn Good

i loved it, that was so Fing cool

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D

Awww, poor Mango...

Dude, that's some hot flash action. Great artistic flair and some nice attention to detail. The photoshop job of the.. errm.. Lock-o-lisa (?) is really rather impressive. Also loving the way Cloud shuffles around, like some kind of armless Sith Lord. It's really rather sinister.

Out of curosity, what brand of mic do you use? The sound recording for Clouds voice to my uneducted ears was a pretty decent standard.

Wonchop responds:

One of those Logitech ones that wraps round the back of your head