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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"

Really Good!

That was an excellent flash! Great job! I loved when the Cloud fellow summoned some Yu-Gi-Oh card. Pure randomness! Very funny, VERY good artwork. A Smashing 9/10.


Wonchop responds:

Smashing indeed

that was fucking awsome!

funnay as hell!

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D

good job

Top marks for this one, bro
This one is off the hook. lol you are a legend and if you didn't live so far away I'd shake your hand...well done chum

Wonchop responds:

hehe, thanks

lock legion? oh it's you... @_@

I thought something was up when this was on the frontpage because I can't remeber the last time the locks made something frontpage worthy, now I know... this is like 90% wonchop and 10% lock legion and it shows...

Wonchop responds:



Normally I try to remove lock and clock submissions, in vain of course, many people here are under the age of 18 and as such enjoy lock and clock movies that are not funny. I think it has a direct connection to age and maturity, after all you argue with one and everyone else jumps in like it's their business.. lame

Either way, this is a really good submission with decent animation and decent script good for you. I like the fact that you also bashed furry haters.

Wonchop responds:

hehe yup