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Reviews for "LL - Art Unappreciation"


But why does Mango use furry as a offence, if the artist hasn't even have anything to do with furry's?
It's still a good movie though!

Wonchop responds:

That's the beauty of it

lol! fuckitifuckingfagotfagfucki lol lol

lol... loved it. lock's and clock's rock :D loved the ending:P "oh god thats hot"

Wonchop responds:



... I'm not sure whether this is intended to at least be partially about the tendency to say that anyone online who shows creativity online is "lame", "a furry", or "has no life", or if it's entirely random silliness. But either way it's awesome and hilarious... and I _really_ should change my nick. I don't use this one anymore anywhere else... x.x;

Wonchop responds:

Well, it's kinda based on what goes on at the LL forums =P

Dude, awesome...

This was very funny. Still laughing. It was random with that Lock constantly going on like a fool and the whole thing of using Time Wizard was random and funny.

Wonchop responds:

thanks :D

Hoora for king Wonchop!


Continue making flash like these!this one is my favo! Great job!

(first post btw, always was to lazy revieuw)

Wonchop responds:

Thanks :D