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Reviews for "!~[Come Along]~!"


I rarely actually log in to my NG account, but this song was one of the few that I believe are worth a review. Phenomenal would be an insult to your work. I would usually try to find something that could be improved, but unfortunately, there is no room for improvement in perfection. It is for this reason that I give you 10/10, and keep up the great work, this one's going in my IPod for sure!

MmmCake responds:

wow! thanks man! glad you like it!
i appreciate the review :D

great job XD

man this song was so good before i knew it my head was bobbing to the beat you did an overthetor great job on this song and saying this was the best audio submission ever is an understatment 10/10

MmmCake responds:

oh wow! thanks! :D

great stuff

I got goosebumps at the abrupt stop and the gradual return of the main melody of this song. It definitely puts a story in my head when I listen to this. you get a 10 because this brings out the art in techno that most ignorant musicians (i repeat, the ignorant ones) consider to be unskillful or untalented.

MmmCake responds:



Bro! you've gotten so much better!!! Your best track eva!!! haha, thanks for the shout out bro, howcome you didnt tell me about this?!?!!?
anyway, great job bro


MmmCake responds:

thanks man! i was gonna tell you when i saw you on aim, but i havent been on too much and i totally forgot about fb xD

thanks for everything man, and happy bday! (but technically it was yesterday)


freekin amazing!!

wow this is just a thriller song. you could make serious dough on this man! i loved this song, and i dont usually hear a song first time and say that! 30/10 15/5

MmmCake responds:

holy shit! thanks man! :D