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Reviews for "!~[Come Along]~!"

Bloody Amazing

Dude... this track is freakin awesome
ive dl'd it, and showing damn near everyone i no this song
tight track man, keep it up

10/10 hands down

MmmCake responds:

thanks man! glad you like it :D


putting this on my ipod as we speak. nice song man loved it!

MmmCake responds:

thanks man! :D

You are awesome

First of all...I want to say this is an AWESOME track...
Since you start listening to it...You don't want to stop!
Keep making mixes...You are really good at it :)
Congratulations for getting to the Weekly Top 5

MmmCake responds:

thanks! glad you like it!

Yeah right!

Now go listen to the other song of the week.. OOPS SAME BASSLINE!
PLEASE If you need to make a song, do something different!

MmmCake responds:

Now look at the submitted times. OOPS I SUBMITTED THIS SONG 5 DAYS BEFORE THE OTHER.
PLEASE if you need to review my song, don't be a dumbass about it.

(also, there's the fact that the chord progression is that song is TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE IN MY SONG. good luck next time, brah.)


that is just awesome man you rock! :D

MmmCake responds:

thanks! :D