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Reviews for "!~[Come Along]~!"

Loved it

This belongs in every club in the nation

MmmCake responds:

wow! thanks!


Not many people can use a piano in a agrresive dance song like this and make it work, its really good to see people take a risk and see the out come. 10/10 5/5 respect from a fellow artist.

MmmCake responds:

thanks man! good luck :D

we've got a winner

I don't think the average newgrounder knows how hard it is to make any kind of techno song that really stands out as being better and/or different from the thousands of others on this site. This is very good, I didn't particularly like that abrupt stop in the middle, but that's not really enough to make a difference in my opinion.

(PS: very good bass, that was really the selling point for me)

MmmCake responds:

thanks! glad you like it! :D


This song is among the HAND FULL of good music today! Thank you so much!

MmmCake responds:

oh wow! thank YOU so much!! :D

OMG !!!!

This son is close to perfection Nice SONG.!

MmmCake responds:

wow! thanks! :D