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Reviews for "!~[Come Along]~!"

not so bad o:

Loving the beat to this song. Like this is like.. making me wanna dance my ass off xD. hmm... i just loved how everything flowed together. So fitting and catchy. You keep up the good work. I'll be checking some of your other songs out later. since i love this one so much ^-^. Hope to hear more tunes from you!

10/10 Bottom Line

MmmCake responds:

thanks! good that you can dance to it :D

finaly, someone who appreciates tha bass

just the way this flows its like what a song should be: melody thats catchy and sticks in the head, countermelody to join in and harmonize, then the bass to bring it all together. great job!!

MmmCake responds:

thanks man!! :D


You deserve to be on the top 5,

This is an awesome, awesome song! Haha it really has a great beat to it, nice job and keep up the good work :D

MmmCake responds:

thanks! :D

Just weirdness

Sorry for not rating higher, but this song includes some major flaws.
1- There is 8 bars of nothing but offbeat bass and drums, you are using a standard dance progression too, which means that there is absolutely nothing original about the segment
2- As stated below, the bass and kick are way to overpowering
3- The song cuts off right after the peak, no slow down, no nothing
4- Absolutely no dynamic range, all the volume levels are the same, not sure what it is from, but I am guessing overcompression (not entirely sure though). Try to turn the compression down and get the loudness from giving a cleaner mix from tuning your instruments and rhytms
5-Something weird is going on with the piano at the beginning, sounds like heavy stereo separation with the bass in the left and the highs in the right, the effect is too pronounced and displeasing on the ears.
3/5, 5/10
Keep it up

MmmCake responds:

thanks for taking the time to write this a review! :D

my dance tracks tend to focus on rhythm, bass, and drums rather than the leads.
the bass and kick are overpowering on purpose, that's just how i like it to sound.
same goes for the ending. i thought an abrupt end would be more fitting.
there are automation clips on the volume through. and, yeah, mixing is definitely my weak point.
i'm not sure what you mean in #5. if you mean the pad that accompanies the piano, it doesn't sound heavy or pronounced in my phones.

i hope you find these points to be more like stylistic points than flaws, cept the mixing part. i'm a shitty mixer.

again, thanks for the review :D


Dude, you got any actual cds? cause i'd be much obliged to actually spend money on this gold

MmmCake responds:

thanks for the download!
no plans for a cd yet, but if it happens ill definitely info about it on my artist page.