Reviews for "Avalanche!"

send it back

hit detection sucks, and you can get to level 4 without moving.

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

The ice falls randomly, so it's not my fault you could get to level 4 without moving.

yeah, this was lame

well, the game was easy. I made 300 points without moving, then I moved, at about 600 points it switched from my selected arrow keys to mouse. Fuck if I know why. The graphics were really bad and the music as well.

found a bug!

I noticed a bug no name = no death or is it a cheat? also good game...


Not that bad. I dont know if its just me, but i couldnt die. Once the lives reached 0 they just kept going down into the negatives. Another thing was that it was either really easy or impossible. Most of the time you can stand in one spot and move every once and a while, but once you get to a certain level there is literally no gap to move into.

Addicting! ^_^

This game was pretty cool, a simple easy to learn game that really doesn't need much instruction.

I think it would be a good idea to have some small platforms scattered about. So like the character could hop from platfrom to platform to give it more of 3D feel instead of just left/right.

Or maybe a cool death cinematic when he gets hit by the falling ice.

Anyway overall I enjoyed this, it gets ridiculously difficult right around 1000 and I'm yet to break that mark. 4/5. =)

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Thanks for the review! <3