Reviews for "Avalanche!"

You're a joke.

It's a total rip-off of Stick Avalanche!

I moderate the creator of Stick Avalanche's forums (k2xlgames), and i'm simple outraged...

It was a poor try at recreating the game anyway, I hope it gets blammed.

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

You're stupid. It's already passed.


WAAAAAAyy to easy

This games was easy and boreing. HOw did this get a awsome score. this is worth a 2.People vot better.May the force be with you.

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

2.45 is not an awesome score =/


Great game loved it a lot. Anyways I'm giving you a 5 because your always helpin me out in the flash section of the BBS! Thank you for that and nice job on the game, I really like it! Good Job!


Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Thanks man <3


its an ok game, i played arrow key mode and ended up with -10 lives surly thats not right? you should fix that and resubmit.

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

lol, no it's not right, but I think I know what went wrong.

I don't plan to resubmit though. :)


you copied this from another game and there's nothing impressive about doing that. whats worse is its not even an improved copy. if you select arrow key mode and get hit by an icicle it switches you to mouse mode but by the time i'd worked that out i was dead. you can quite obviously code and create games so make something up that's not already been done better in flash.

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

I thought I had fixed the arrow/mouse bug. I'm not sure why it's happening, but I'll look into it.

I intend to do something better soon, truth be told I only made this over the weekend 'cos I was banned on the BBS! :P