Reviews for "Avalanche!"

Great game for single author

for doing this yourself kirk im impressed, i wish i could pull that off. Gj

very simple game

This is a good simple game. Very good background music. Graphics looked okay. would have been nice if the kid was animated in terms of walking or something.. but it was a nice avoiding of obstacles type of flash game. Very well put together. I liked how you have two options for controls. nice job!

could be much better

really too simple game should have developped more and put a
score board.
I scored 1007 points

oh, trust me, u can die

i got a decent score of like 850, soo i dont feel too stupid, but that otehr guy said u cant die if u play with the mouse, yea, i did.... but hey other then that, it was interesting.

You can't die >_<

Ok scripting, and some sub-par graphics. Wasn't too boring. But if you play with the mouse you can't die. It just goes into the negatives.