Reviews for "Avalanche!"


it...it...it....um.....well......is um......... CRAP .........

This game is unoriginal but then again it is hard to make original games since there are so many games out there in the wild but this is crap and it dusnt even explain how to play and what the crap LEVEL UP is

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

My God, you must be a retard.

It tells you in the authors comments that you have to avoid the falling ice, then in-game you get to choose mouse or the left/right arrows.

What more explanation do you need, you thick shit?

it is a copy

it is a rip of can no 1 come up with anything origanal

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Originality died a long time ago.

i liked it but...

ok, its kinda boring at first but then as it gets harder its alot funner. You should make the game a little longer. but good job. keep up the good work

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Thanks for the review. Glad you liked it. :)

somethings wrong

after awhile the for no apparent reason the man started moving jumpin around and i couldn't control it.

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

You were using the arrows, right?

I'll go look over the arrow section. again.

ok, but quite a few glitches

I was playing with the arrow keys, and it worked until I got about 500 points. Then it switched to mouse. Also the first time I got hit, it said game over. I figured that since I had more then one life that it would continue after I was hit once.