Reviews for "Cascada - One More Night (EnV)"

That punch

The first thing i noticed is that awesome punch in the kick and that nice lead. DId you make you make it with Sylenth1? (obv u did :P) everythings so jumpy and upbeat and the vocals are E-p-i-c the piano goes well with everything. good job!

Side by side compairison with the original....

Leads me to the conclusion that when you envyify something you make it a bajillion times better =]

P.S. - Can you envyify my life by any chance?

oh jebus :o

hearing some clipping issues around 0:35ish areas, could just be my headphones.. doubt it though

also, the key in the piece makes the overall tone sound optimistic.. (imo)

Envy responds:

I'm working on the mixing

And whats wrong with optimistic? The song is called one more night!

Nice one

Great song envy i like that


I'm lovin it

lovin it like friggin in-n-out's double-double, message me when it's finished, I'm liking it so far