Reviews for "Cascada - One More Night (EnV)"

...I usually hate this type of music...

...but you made it AWESOME!!!! :D Good job, mate! =3


I was waiting, for "you" in the song, which mostly hit in in the end, you could've easily made it longer making it so much better.
But what I did hear was something darn good:
so 10/10 5/5 :D


your music blows

just kidding, its actually amazing

Envy responds:

:o i was worried!


You're music is freaking awesome! o_o You have no idea how fun it is to run to stuff like yours during a long 8 mile run in the morning. <33 Hah! I sound like I'm totally gay when it plays on my iPod, but I don't care. ;D It's totally awesome.

10 sur 10 madam

Wonderful. Stunning. Dazzling.

Quite enthusing as a piece of music.
It fits its space in the genre to a T.

Well done, very well done.