Reviews for "Cascada - One More Night (EnV)"

Dude Awesome!!

Really love what you did to the song. I think the changed kick really helped a lot. But the snare type loop at like 27 seconds sounds a bit off, don't know if you already saw it or w/e. ANYWAY, is it possible for you to send me some of the synths and kicks you have made? PM if you want to ;(


I see you're responding to responses again.
Great song!
What kick did you use in "Forever"?
That is like the best kick ever.

Envy responds:

In forever? Ummm I think i used the first kick that was in the first preview of this song (which is taken down) Which I intelligently named "EnVKick.wav"

I will die of happiness wen u finish this

This is truly looking like it's gona be one of the best things ever.
Firstly - its by Envy - (according to me) best artist ever, then the loudness and the sounds and alllll of it is so amazing i forgot to breathe when i was listening to this.

Life spins around stuff like this man.


Envy responds:

Now if only a record label would spit that at me :3


Thanks I'm really trying to push myself to the limit on this one because It keeps my head straight with finals coming up. Thanks again ^^

-insert thinking face-

Way better than the actual song (thank god)
but some things to touch up on
make it longer (der)
the little background tune in between 0:56 and 1:16 or so seems a tad quiet
maybe fix the sound a bit cause throughout the song I had to readjust my volume
little nitpicky crap I'm sure you will perfect and make supah awesome
because that's what you do
good luck with finals!

Envy responds:

It's an active listening song obviously! Getting you involved.

JK, I'll see what I can do because when I get rid of the filter on that synth it gets wiiiicked loud.


Listened to the preview you sent me, then the first upload, now the update =D
Kick is great.

What % of this do you estimate is done, and how long have you already been working on it?

Envy responds:

Ummm I'm stuck on the second verse and melody. I'm not sure If I'm gonna keep the first melody or make a new, more climactic melody. We'll see. Any ideas?