Reviews for "Cascada - One More Night (EnV)"


Just that, your my favorite artist on NG. Well.. Behind dimrain, unrl, and F-777, BUT ASIDE from them your my favorite. Lol.

P.S. Yes everyone, she's a girl who sings her own songs.

Your too good!

and because of that ive come to expect a lot from you, and to be perfectly blunt i feel like you went a little light on this one, the vocals went unnafected, and i feel you could have done more with it. so ill take one off the review but not the vote.

All that said your still my favorite Artist on NG,

9 and 5 from me

Wow! Ur hot!

I didn't think this song was very good, but then I saw that you were a girl on your userpage, and I'm a dumbass who allows someone's gender to affect my opinion of music! So i'm giving you a 10!

And jokes aside, I quite enjoyed this. Well done.

Good for a woman

I like Blizzain's remix but this is cool for a woman XD im a dude so i like dude remixers better LOLZ but keep dat work up cuz its hard to make music i cant even make one song well i can but its funnky i need more stuf and i used mixcraft so good for U! if we can REQUEST MUSIC I WANT U TO REMIX EURODANCER BY DJ MANGOO and sorry for the long thing XD


r u male or female?
im askin fave for a DJ poll