Reviews for "More And More"


I love it, but the lack of base pulls it down to eight stars. Sorry, it's a great song, but where's the bass?

I wish this song was on DDR

I'm a major DDR fan and this song could so be on there, its addicting.10/10 5/5

Just one question...

Why is this graded low? I know popularity and scores are different, but I can depict the effort you put in with this collab with Johnny (Yes'm, his music is full of eargasms ;D).

The beats were pretty aligned, and the vocals are made with excellent clarity. 1:57 is my favorite part in the song, being put that the build-up is gorgeous as hell, and then the vocals mixed after it are very creatively shifted. I don't know what it is with me and build-ups in songs, they're just appealing to me.

Great collab, you two, and two huge thumbs up for your top 5!


But you neeeeeed somethign!! I love the song but it needs somethin gI can't figure out what!


Good use of lyrics tied into the song. Bass is good too.