Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"


The first part (the sandwhich maker-girlfriend analagy) wasn't funny because my mate had already told me it (although if he hadn't I'm sure it would've been). But that last bit, "Hell yeah he wants PB + J, Bitch" I literally almost pooed myself laughing. Not really, but you get the picture, can't wait for TN4!

really cool

That was hilarious, I love these little jokes...
And regarding that "Guy" below me....seriously what's up your a*s, can't you just leave some harmless sexcist jokes as funny as they are, sure you can pretend it's not funny, but it amuses a whole lot of people, so don't humiliate yourself by cutting off your own balls....

i usally vote good for u but....

i found it kinda offensive towards women, me myself im a guy but i seriosly hope thats not how u think of women

and to the guy below me ur post is not funny at all man seriosly

if only life was like this

Damn women's rights activists...

ow lol

That was great...so offensive but in a good way...I loved it. Keep up the good work!