Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"

another classic

i love all of your Flashes so far, keep up the good work guys

I love this series

I swear you guys make the best series (too under rated if you ask me). This reminds me of a joke a friend told me. His girlfriend goes up to him and asks him if the dishwasher is loaded. He looks at her and says "you don't look drunk to me". Hahaha anyways great stuff keep it up.


That was great, but what about dishwasher? Actaully that would've given away the joke too soon. I love the theme to nobody's shorts. Again keep the funny coming.

Haha, funny stuff

Of course I don't agree with it at all, but that doesn't stop it from being funny.

Makes me want to get up and make a PB&J. I have to do it because I don't have a sandwhich maker :( Perhaps soon though.


A bunch of self-indulging crap! I hated it.