Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #5"

This is a kick ass short

I love tomorows nobdys i even named my selfthat on Newgrounds!!Biz atch!!!


Just did it as a 57 Hunter. Not to difficult solo; however, about 3/4 of the way down there is a large room full of mobs. Tried sneaking around edge, didn't work. To many for one hunter to kill, as many are grouped in the center. So, got rid of pet and ran through to the cave/corridor across the room. About 1/2 down the room I feigned death, they all ran back to upper room and I continued on. I took out lvl 57 boss first, while other two were beating on me, feigned death, they ran back to thier room. Easy to take out those two. It should be noted that they can throw some strange magic on you. I was running around, invoked cheeta, got stunned, pet running around, I started attacking with my melee weapons, all without me doing anything.

Hope this helps, good luck

sexist silliness

sexist, male chauvinist,simple minded yet hilarious. great animation and character acting. ....I don't know what the ladies (if there are any that check out this site) will have to sayabout the content. But hey I'm a guy...so i liked it


Yeah guys, that was pretty badass.

Yeah man

I started to miss Tomorrow's Nobodies but ya back and that was fucking awsome.